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A Calgary-based digital marketing and web development agency.

We Don’t Just Provide Digital Marketing Services – We Build Great Companies

At CCWS, we believe there’s always a better way to market a business, a way which is less intrusive and more valuable where customers are earned rather than bought. It’s our passion to help entrepreneurs and marketers understand the significance of building relationships and loyal following. We put special emphasis on search engine optimization (SEO) which is one of the least understood parts of modern marketing. One of our objectives is to simplify digital marketing for our clients.

Our Philosophy​

Founder/Account Manager

With the rise of advanced tools, digital communication, and customer reviews, businesses have no choice but to understand their customers’ needs and deliver digital experiences accordingly. Aligning your business strategy with customer needs is the way forward.
As a team of forward-looking marketers, thinker, and strategists, our philosophy revolves around customer empowerment and how it leads to increased customer retention
We want you to find your people and discover what they want, need, and love. Data is the tool you need to ensure your current marketing efforts are better than the last. This is the best time to accelerate business growth through digital means.


Christopher Wood​

Founder/Account Manager

Christopher Wood is our founder/Account Manager at CCWS Marketing. Chris Believes that a great marketing plan is essential to any business that wants to succeed in todays competitive market. In addition to managing our client base, he’s also an avid and successful affiliate marketer. Chris would be happy to meet with you over Skype

Charmaine Wood​

Founder/Creative director

Charmaine Wood is our expert when it comes to creating and delivering outstanding digital experience. With over 10 years experience in digital marketing and graphic design, she is our creative director and is passionate in delivering creatives that is appealing to todays trends.


To transform the marketing industry in a way that makes it easier for business owners to get their message across without going through all the noise


To build lasting relationships with clients and achieve consistently great results for them.

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